What A Chartered Accountant Can Do For You

The function of a chartered accountant can be intricate to understand, the majority just associates them with tax returns. This however, is far from all a chartered account is and if that is the only thing you are asking your regular accountant to do, then you are missing out on a valuable source of information advice and knowledge. You can use an accountant for more things than just your tax return, if you are not; you are missing out on a valuable and informative resource. Chartered and tax accountants are proficient in a multitude of services, they can help you with as well as financial to personal matters and should be considered as a useful source of advice and assistance.

You should inform your accountant anything that goes in your family. Up to a point of course! Everyone wants to keep the amount of tax they pay to the government down. With this information they can then plan, valuate the suitable strategies when it comes down your tax issues and investment plans.

One of the main tasks you expect from an accountant is that they can help reducing the amount of tax you need to pay. If you provide them with all necessary details they can put this information to good use and plan how you can save money in the long-term. A good accountant will come up with good strategies that will make it possible for you to save money for future events, such as college funds and marriages.

Chartered accountants operate in all sectors of business and finance, including public practice work, government, and the private sector. In Australia they are gathered under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and go under designated letters CA. Some senior members of the Institute may be nominated Fellows and may then be recognized under the letters FCA.

So to the question, what does a chartered accountant exactly do?

They can certainly help you out when it comes to preparing income tax returns, and that goes for both personal or for business areas. Business tax returns can be arranged for companies, superannuation funds, partnerships or trusts, capital gains tax and rental properties. They can provide services to help legally lessen defer and plan tax payments. Other areas you can expect an accountant to be of valuable help are Business tax, business acquisitions, sale of shares or property or disposals and appropriate tax structure.

Australian chartered accountants based in Sydney or other areas will have experience of the Australian Tax Office (ATO), and can give you information and on Business Activity Statements and Goods & Services Tax.

Whether it is for personal use or for a business, financial planning is a crucial tool you should embrace to secure the future, for any planned or unforeseen events. A financial planning service should include superannuation products for maximising retirement benefits and meeting superannuation guarantee obligations, investments for building wealth including property, shares, fixed interest and managed funds as well as various insurances for protection from economic loss in the event of disablement, accident, illness or death,.

Superannuation can be managed to save and invest money whilst you are working to use in your retirement. For many Australians, this is the second largest asset after the family home. Chartered accountants can inform and advice you on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and other available choices.

If you have already have a business or are registering a new one and need help then see a chartered accountant who can help with this and the accounting. They will be able to offer valuable advice on increasing profits by the application of useful financial plans and systems. A chartered accountant can help you in many areas; business valuations, payroll services, accounting services, strategic planning and salary packaging, financial statement preparation and computer accounting software are just some of the areas they operate in.

A modern and resourceful accountancy agent will be eBusiness ready, meaning a lot of the communication will be via email and income tax returns can be arranged from computerised accounting files, such as Quickbooks and MYOB. The agency you choose should be informative and experts in their field of work, they must be able to answer any questions concerning your personal or business account.

You can find chartered accounting firms on the internet. Regardless if you are an individual, operates a small business or a large corporation, they will be able to help in locating solutions to reach your financial goals.

Earn Money Instead Of Losing It With The Assistance Of A Business Plan Consultant

Starting a company with no planning often leads to disaster. Unless a person is business-savvy, most first-timers end up losing money instead of earning anything. This is why small business consultants are there. They’re here to make life easier for people who cannot seem to get things started. Individuals like this have years of industry experience. Why risk your funds when you could have a structured organization that will ensure positive results.

One thing that a business plan consultant attends to is a company business plan. Here is the framework of how your enterprise has to operate. A plan like this is not permanent. It serves its purpose when the company is in its early growth stage. As things progress, expect the structure to change accordingly. As the client, you have to present all your relevant information to this individual. Your business plan is dependant on this as well as an analysis of your business.

For small business consultants to be on top, they must stay ahead of everyone else. To achieve this, they should get industry reports, conduct feasibility studies, and profile potential customers. Besides this, they also research consumer trends and gather legislation reports. All this material will have a future effect on your planned venture. Companies that prove profitable are the types that move on from prior goof ups while building on a foundation of proven results.

One area you need to focus on is your competition. The business plan consultant you hire will analyze your selected location diligently. Let us say Starbucks is the existing coffee shop on the block. People frequent go to this place based on brand name alone. How can you tackle an industry giant such as this? You need tips from small business consultants. They are going to explain to you what services your competition is missing. It is then for you to decide whether you choose to feature these or not. A good way to bring in new customers is to telecast live NBA games for free.

In case your investment is a coffee shop, a business plan consultant will determine a possible location. Understanding that this sort of place does well, they’re going to have to figure out whom to trade your products to. In such a case, who are these potential customers? Are they office workers? Are they students? These are questions that must be asked carefully.

You’ll need this if you wish to source funds from a bank or lending agency. Figuring out costs and projecting profitability studies are what small business consultants do best. They are going to put together all your pertinent financial documents to actually help you get that loan. In addition to this, they may come up with business strategies that can help you remain ahead of the competition.

In the long run, you won’t regret hiring a business plan consultant. This individual is the key to your long-term business life and success. Pay attention to what they’ve got to say carefully. All your long-term and short-term goals ought to be set and put in place in a timely manner. With this in mind, you could involve him or her in your daily operations.

Finding The Right Business Plan Consultant For Your Business Plan

Looking for the right business plan consultant is not a task that should be taken lightly. The future of a company often lies in its business plan and the worth of that plan lies in the person responsible for creating it. Many entrepreneurs initially believe that they can handle the task of writing their business proposal on their own. After all, they know exactly where the company currently is and where it should be headed. However, being the owner of a business doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best person to draft its business proposal. The truth is that a winning proposal requires professional writing, editing and research to get a positive result. It also requires in-depth financial expertise, a knowledge of the market as well as a keen understanding of the competition.

One professional versus a team of professionals! Make up your mind if you want a single business plan consultant working on your business plan or a whole team of professionals. The drawback of hiring a single consultant is that they may not be able to deliver a comprehensive business proposal. More often than not, certain areas will be weak or not researched well enough. This problem is easily avoided by using an entire team, as instead of just one consultant dealing with all the aspects of the proposal, each area will be delegated to a specific team of professionals.

An effective business plan consultant firm will have different teams to handle the writing, editing, market research and financial analysis of a company’s plan. All these teams will work together under a project manager to ensure that the plan is cohesive and forms a comprehensive part of the entire proposal. Generally, a single consultant will not communicate with the client, rather the project manager of the consultancy team will regularly keep in touch with the client, ensuring that they know exactly how the plan is shaping up.


Getting a business proposal successfully approved is certainly a huge milestone for any company. However, once the approval is secured, the client has to deal with a number of other issues as well. There may be issues of intellectual property development, partnerships and legal referrals. Many clients even seek advice on marketing, branding and capital raising. An effective business plan consultant firm will offer this kind of assistance even after the proposal has been completed.

It’s also best to be wary of business plan consultant firms which claim to have a very high success rate with their proposals. The success of a business proposal doesn’t simply lie in the proposal alone, a number of other factors are responsible for its success. Sometimes, the simple fact of people not following through can cause a great business plan to lead to a dead end. Last though not least, research the consultancy company thoroughly before committing to them. After all, the future of your business will pass through their hands!